Microbiological periodontal and blood biochemistry profile of periodontal patients with atherosclerosis

  • Deborah Violant Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  • Jara Hernández-Santamaría PhD student Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Oriol Lapiedra Cardiovascular Unit Hospital Dexeus, Barcelona,
  • Antonio Santos Department of Periodontology Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  • Josep Clotet Department of Basic Sciences Universitat Internacional de Catalunya


Aims: This study aims (i) to describe the periodontal health status and blood biochemistry profile of patients with atherosclerosis, and (ii) to examine periodontal pockets and atheroma for simultaneous presence of five periodontal pathogens. Methods: 31 patients scheduled for carotid endarterectomy were enrolled in this study. A complete periodontal and clinical examination was conducted before surgery. Subgingival samples and atheromatous plaques were microbiologically analyzed with the polymerase chain reaction technique, and atheromatous plaques were histologically analyzed. Results: Subgingival and atheroma samples tested positive to at least one of five target periodontopathogens. P. gingivalis, T. forsythia and F. nucleatum showed a strong link between the concomitant presence of these bacteria in atheroma and periodontal pockets (48.39%, 38.71% and 51.61% of patients, respectively). The absence of P. intermedia and A. actinomycetemcomitans in both locations was demonstrated in 74.19% and 19.34% of patients, respectively. Increased serum glucose and trygliceride levels (> 6.1 mmol/L and >1.7 mmol/L, respectively) were correlated with the presence of T. forsythia, F. nucleatum and P. intermedia (pvalue <0.1) in atheroma samples. Increased lymphocytes and gingival bleeding index values indicated a closely association with the presence of the target periodontopathogens in atheroma (pvalue <0.1). Conclusion: The presence of P. gingivalis, F. nucleatum, and T. forsythia in subgingival plaque suggests that these bacteria contribute to the development of atherosclerosis. Alterations in some biochemical parameters might promote bacterial colonization and metabolism, and therefore contribute to the development of atherosclerosis.

Author Biography

Deborah Violant, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Director. Master of Research in Dentistry


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