Treatment Effects of Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device - A Review

  • Divyalakshmi Dayalan Ragas Dental College, Chennai


Class II malocclusion is the most frequent sagittal problem in orthodontics. It can be because of mandibular retrognathism or maxillary prognathism. However the most common is mandibular retrognathism. The successful method of treating Class II malocclusion in growing patients is by functional jaw orthopedics through the primary mechanism of mandibular advancement. The functional appliance can either be fixed or removable. In patients who are not compliant fixed functional appliances are used for best results. The fixed functional appliance which has gained much popularity is Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device. This article will explain briefly about the appliance and its dental and skeletal effects.

Author Biography

Divyalakshmi Dayalan, Ragas Dental College, Chennai
Department of Orthodontics, Senior Lecturer


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Forsus fatigue resistant device, Class II malocclusion, orthodontics